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Gino Vallante: Three Key Communication Skills

· Gino Vallante

Gino Vallante is an experienced real estate agent working for a top real estate company in San Diego, California. He has an eclectic background that makes him a unique and skilled sales agent. Over his long career, Vallante has acquired a vast set of transferrable skills through his educational and professional experiences. He has demonstrated excellent salesmanship abilities, as well as professional communication skills. Here are three key communication skills that Gino Vallante uses in his everyday duties:

· Give full attention to the speaker.

When someone is speaking to you, we have been taught since the first grade to give the speaker our undivided attention, or at least pretend to. It sounds like a very basic and easy skill, but quieting the mind and carefully considering everything someone else has to say is a skill that must be practiced and re-learned throughout your professional development.

· Don’t create resistance in the listener.

Communication is both verbal and nonverbal in person, and is stripped of its nonverbal connotations in written form. All of the messages you’re giving to another individual can’t create resistance. In order to have a receptive audience, you have to make sure your message is being received. Resistance can come from too much jargon or misuse of language, and non-inclusive language.

· Consider body language and poster.

More than half of the signals we send to one another in face-to-face communication are nonverbal. Gino Vallante had to learn how to project a signal that he is open to additional information from his audience and open to a back-and-forth conversation.

Gino Vallante has used these communication skills to his advantage as a real estate agent.

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