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Gino Vallante: Presentation Tips

· Gino Vallante

Gino Vallante, a realtor in California, is a diverse professional with over a decade of experience. His ability to deliver presentations is one of his many transferable skills that have allowed him to excel in his career.

Presentation tips like those below can help you approach your project similar to how someone like Gino Vallante might handle it:

· Use Minimal Apologies.

Unless a fact in your presentation is wrong, don’t apologize to your audience. If you’re anxious about giving a big presentation, your apologies will be the first clue that the audience has that you aren’t confident.

Confidence makes you look better, and the only time an apology shows confidence (usually) is when you’re admitting to a mistake that you made.

· Become the Audience.

When you’re practicing a presentation, think of how your audience will hear it. This requires you to know who you’re speaking to and what their lives might be like. When you become the audience, and you examine your presentation, you’ll see new ways that you can improve.

Make notes from your perspective and the imagined audience’s perspective, compare them and adjust accordingly.

· Have Fun.

It might seem too difficult to have fun when you’re giving a presentation that makes you nervous, but it can be done. Practice your presentation not just until you memorize it, but until you can inject passion and happiness into it.

Smiling, enthusiasm and passion are infectious and if your presentation leaves people feeling as though they had fun, it’ll make a better impression.

Consider speaking with a professional who’s skilled in presentation, like Gino Vallante, for a mentorship discussion or learning from a reputable book on the topic.

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